Summer is the perfect season to refresh your home and start thinking about those long-awaited restoration projects. However, as homeowners get to work, it’s important to understand when it’s time to call in a professional. We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate your personal DIY home restoration project and provide tips on identifying situations where an expert is essential.

Manageable DIY Home Restoration Projects

There are a lot of home repair projects that homeowners can take on themselves. From painting and regrouting to minor electrical and plumbing projects, many smaller jobs can be accomplished without the help of a professional, saving both time and money. Let’s deep dive into tips for improving your home!

Cosmetic Repairs

Cosmetic repairs are typically the easiest DIY home restoration projects to tackle. These include painting walls and ceilings, patching holes and replacing damaged tiles and grout. A quick trip to the local hardware store and homeowners can find all they need to make their home look good as new. A fresh coat of paint on the walls goes a long way in making a home feel refreshed.

Manageable Water Damage

Another simple repair homeowners can do themselves is addressing any minor water damage such as a small leak. Tightening pipe connections, replacing washers and utilizing plumber’s tape all help prevent further damage from happening. These quick fixes can save a great deal of stress on a home and save a homeowner’s money down the line.

Basic Electrical and Plumbing

While large-scale electrical and plumbing jobs should be left to the professionals, there are some cost-effective home repair tasks that homeowners can handle. Often projects such as changing out light switches, changing shower heads or faucets, unclogging drains and resetting circuit breakers.

Outdoor Projects

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time for homeowners to keep their homes in top shape with DIY tasks such as cleaning and repairing gutters, replacing or repainting fencing, and planting new greenery to update the look of the property.

When to Bring in the Professionals

While these smaller restoration projects are simple fixes that homeowners can accomplish on their own, there are several instances in which doing your own projects could cause more damage to the home or your health.

Extensive Water Damage

Significant water damage often involves hidden dangers such as structural issues and mold growth. In times of flooding, storm damage or hurricane damage, it’s essential to call your local restoration company to address large-scale water damage to your home. Our expert teams can dry out the structure of your home to preserve it after a flood, rebuild where necessary and address mold concerns that could pose a danger to homeowners’ health.

Large-scale mold growth

Mold, especially toxic varieties, should be handled by experts. Identifying and safely removing toxic mold requires professional knowledge and equipment. To ensure the safety of yourself and those in your home, it’s best to contact the experts right away. American Restoration’s local brands can eradicate mold from your home and protect your health.

Other Toxic Remediation

Homeowners of older homes also tend to run into the issue of hazardous materials within the construction of the home. Lead paint and asbestos exposure can be very dangerous for your health, requiring professional assistance to remove. Certified professionals can safely contain and get rid of these hazards, keeping your home a safe place.

Smoke and Fire Damage

After a fire, professional restoration help is crucial. Experts can come in and fully determine the extent of the damage to provide a clear path forward for restoring your home. Our professionals also have specialized equipment to remove soot and smoke from your home to avoid any lasting odors or health risks.

There are many reasons why a homeowner would take on their own DIY home restoration projects such as their own skillset and budget considerations for smaller projects; however, knowing when to call for professional help can save you possibly health and safety risks down the line. While tackling manageable home repair tasks can be rewarding, certain situations demand professional expertise. Whether you’re repainting a room or dealing with extensive water damage, understanding when to do it yourself and when to seek professional restoration help can save you time, money and stress.

If you’re looking for the right company to take on these larger projects for your home, contact our local brands today!