Spring may be around the corner, but the threat of cold weather still looms as we finish out the winter season. The potential for erratic changes in weather and sudden drops in temperature may pose a threat to your home. At American Restoration, our local brands offer a range of restoration services to help prevent disasters and alleviate stress in their aftermath. From emergency response to water and fire repair, we’ve got you covered. But, before disaster strikes, let’s take a look at some proactive measures you can take to protect your home from harsh winters so you can be prepared for any drastic changes in the weather this season.

Practice Safety with Combustible Household Items

With the fluctuating temperatures that are common during this time of the year, it is crucial to handle heating sources in your home such as fireplaces, space heaters and furnaces with care. Be sure to keep flammable items such as hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol away from heat sources to minimize the fire hazards inside your home. Remember to always turn off and unplug space heaters when not in use, and never leave fireplaces unattended. You can keep your home warm while also preventing fire hazards during unexpected cold fronts.

For more tips on reducing fire hazards inside your home and how our expert teams can help, continue reading here. We’ve outlined common causes of house fires and ways to keep your home protected.

Avoid More Damage by Keeping Gutters Clean

Another simple way to save yourself the stress of damage to your home this winter is by checking your gutters for debris. With dropping temperatures and an increase in precipitation, it is essential to clear out gutters to avoid structural damage. Clogged gutters can cause undue stress to your home’s structure as well as lead to water damage, resulting in costly repair needs. Regularly clearing out debris from gutters such as fallen leaves and twigs will prevent ice dams from forming during times of freezing temperatures which could lead to potential flooding. Take advantage of moments of warmer weather this winter and be proactive in removing debris from gutters. When cold weather strikes, you will know you will not have to worry about gutters breaking and your home’s structure being compromised.

If you are experiencing issues or believe you may have damage to your home already, reach out to our local brands near you today!

Be Preventative & Protect Your Pipes

Your home’s piping system is vulnerable during the winter, with freezing temperatures posing a significant threat. The potential for burst pipes and flooding increases during the winter, and erratic temperature changes may exacerbate this risk. When temperatures drop, there are several signs of freezing pipes to be on the lookout for. Reduced or zero water flow from faucets is a clear indicator of freezing or blocked pipes. In addition, listen for strange noises that could mean ice build-up. Exterior pipes and those in unheated areas are especially at risk of bursting.

As a preventative measure, leave faucets dripping during times of extreme cold to relieve pressure within pipes and consider cautious use of space heaters around uninsulated pipes to keep them warm. These easy steps can help safeguard your home from disaster.

Read more about how to avoid unnecessary water damage with our helpful tips for recognizing signs, and explore more tips on how to save your pipes from freezing temperatures.

How We Can Help

American Restoration’s local brands offer a wide range of services to address damage caused by cold and erratic weather conditions. From fire hazards to snow and ice storms, cold weather can wreak havoc on homes and cause any number of disasters. Here’s a closer look at the work our brands do to mitigate and restore damage caused by cold weather:

Emergency Response and Mitigation

When disaster strikes due to cold weather, fast action is necessary. Our brands offer 24/7 emergency response services to address immediate concerns and prevent further damage. Our teams of trained professionals are equipped with tools and equipment to assess and contain the damage and begin the mitigation process. Whether it is water damage from burst pipes or structural damage from ice buildup, their swift response helps minimize the impact on property and possessions.

Frozen Pipes, Water Damage, and Structural Drying

Frozen pipes are a common problem during cold weather, and they can cause bursts and flooding. Our brands specialize in restoring your property and belongings to pre-damage conditions in the event of water damage from frozen pipes. We know the complexities of water damage and work to mitigate its effects and prevent structural decay. After damage occurs, our expert teams utilize state-of-the-art drying equipment and techniques to remove moisture from affected areas, including walls, floors and ceilings. Our comprehensive drying strategies ensure that properties are restored to a safe and healthy condition.

Mold Remediation

Undetected water damage due to a burst pipe or excess ice formations can cause mold to build up in the structure of your home, posing a health risk and compromising indoor air quality. Our local teams have the equipment and training to provide mold remediation services that can identify and eliminate mold infestations quickly. Our certified mold remediation specialists conduct thorough inspections, develop customized remediation plans and employ advanced techniques to safely remove mold and prevent its recurrence.

Reconstruction and Restoration

In cases of severe damage, your home may be in need of reconstruction. Our brands offer comprehensive reconstruction and restoration services, managing every aspect of the restoration process from start to finish. Their experienced contractors work hard to rebuild damaged structures and restore properties to their pre-disaster condition.

We understand the importance of prioritizing the safety and integrity of your home throughout the year, and in particular, in times of severe weather. As winter begins to come to a close, keep these tips in mind to safeguard your home and avoid unnecessary stress. These tips offer a solid foundation for protection, but they are just the starting point.

Should you encounter any home disaster due to cold weather, our immediate response teams at our local brands are available around the clock to assist you. From roof repair and structural damage reconstruction to water or fire damage, you can trust your home is in capable hands when you work with American Restoration’s brands. Stay vigilant during times of sporadic weather and call your local American Restoration brand today if you are experiencing damage to your home.